Super Stars Tennis Programs

Super Stars Tennis has introduced thousands of children to the sport of tennis in the New York metropolitan area. Our USTA Quick Start format makes learning tennis easier and more fun than ever! Our programs introduce tennis sized right for kids so they develop skills and have fun right from the start. Using modified equipment and courts tailored to a child’s size and age, kids will learn, rally, play and compete quickly and in a way that is both enjoyable and rewarding. The Quick Start format fosters slower-moving and lower-bouncing balls, shorter and lighter racquets, and smaller courts. The smaller courts will give kids the confidence and ability to cover the entire court. The shorter, lighter racquets will allow kids to control the racquet and discourage extreme grips. The balls will slow play down, bounce at a height equal to the kids’ playing abilities and provide longer rallies, allowing kids to better develop their court skills, tactics and strategy. All classes are taught by our staff of tennis teaching professionals, who will teach your child the game of tennis, the sport of a lifetime. From the young and eager beginner to the competitive advanced teen player, Super Stars Tennis offers tennis for all ages and levels of children.


Our Tiny Tots class is a wonderful first step to introducing your child to tennis, sports and overall athleticism. This class is designed for ages 2.5 – young 4’s and will feature fun games that are perfectly suited to advance your child’s hand-eye coordination, balance and love for tennis.

The Tiny Tots class will serve as a fantastic jumpstart into the sport of tennis and will give each student a unique and fun experience. Many games will feature the use of cones, balloons and props to keep all students engaged and captivated.

Our kid friendly staff will provide a fun, creative and positive environment for every child in class.

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Our Quick Start format designed for ages, older 4’s – 5 years old in learning the fundamentals of tennis in our fun Little Aces tennis program. Our instructors teach the ground rules of tennis in a socially fun environment. Emphasis is placed on further development of racket skills, muscle memory, balance and agility, hand eye coordination, and positive reinforcement while getting the kids ready for the next level of our program, Mighty Mites. Our goals are:

  • To develop the child’s athletic skill so he or she learns to enjoy the game
  • To learn the fundamentals of tennis and
  • To promote an attitude whereby the child has the desire and courage to learn something new.

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Our Quick Start program format for ages 6 – 8 yrs old. An introduction for junior novice players consisting of grip techniques, stroke production, enhancement of motor skills and racquet skills, tennis etiquette, and rules of the game. Tailored for junior players to reach the next level of our program, Super Stars.

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Regulation size tennis court or our Quick Start format for ages 9 – 10 yrs old. For players who regularly compete against other tennis players. This program helps develop the student’s own natural abilities to enable him or her to compete more effectively in competition. Emphasis placed on stroke development, competitive basics, and singles and doubles strategy.

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Designed for the intermediate player who has a firm grasp on basic strokes and game fundamentals. Kids will continue to develop playing skills, strategy and scoring through competition-based play and training. Also designed for advanced players aiming for continued skill development by focusing on ball striking, stroke techniques, proper footwork and court awareness through situational point format and match play.

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For high school and middle school players seeking to join varsity and junior varsity school teams. Emphasis is placed on physical conditioning, match play and mental toughness. All students are strongly encouraged to play USTA tournaments to help with match play situations in preparation for competitive high school and middle school tennis.

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